Confluence Azure Active Directory / LDAP Groups Sync

Synchronize automatically or On-demand basis, your Azure Active Directory or LDAP security groups and email distribution lists membership with Confluence groups with options update and append.

Use Cases:

  • Helps to create groups with large membership
  • Helps to automate access management

This plugin provides:

  • Service Schedule within Confluence to sync mapped email distribution list and LDAP security groups
  • Beside Sync, App also supports Confluence Groups members Appending
  • Supports to Sync "N" LDAP groups to Single Jira Group
  • Supports Multi level Nested Groups Sync
  • Provides REST API to trigger to Sync from CLI
  • Supports Confluence Data Center
  • Supports Confluence Cloud

Go to Confluence Administration > Click Manage Azure AD LDAP Groups Sync > Configure Directory Connection.

Azure AD Configuration example:


LDAP Configuration example:

Set Default Connection Directory:

Go to Confluence Administration > A default Console to Run On-demand Groups Sync.

Helps quickly to create new groups with membership.

  • Action Types (Update & Append) are recommended.
  • Force update action type is used to make local Jira group empty if target directory group returns empty.

Auto Sync Schedule

Go to Confluence Administration >  logging and profiling > Add New Entry


  • Known Confluence product bug: