Scm Activity For Jira

SCM Activity plugin for Jira provides REST API Services to access and store SCM Change-set data on the separate external database or on Cloud, further integrates Jira with all the SCM systems like (perforce, git, gerrit, cc and svn etc.). This plugin separates SCM change-set data from Jira data and as a result eliminates the need of migration of SCM change-set data during the Jira backup/restore/migrations efforts. Right add-on for those who stores SCM Change data in Jira DB via Custom Text Fields or Comments.


  • Helps in reducing time during the Jira backups/restore/migrations
  • Provides JQL Search functions i.e. scmActivitySearch("")
  • Supports multiple SCM systems and external jobs integration
  • Workflow Condition to check if Scm Activity exists
  • Supports GitHub Webhook Integration

Note. If legacy app version upgrade failure please refer this FAQ, Manual Schema changes for App update failure

Here is the following easy steps to start using the plugin:


Setup Scm Activity Database


Now you can start Posting SCM Change Set Data using REST API Or via SQL Or Hook Scripts


Go to logging and profiling > Default loggers > Click Configure

Add below:

Package name: com.tse.jira.scmactivity.plugin
Logging Level: DEBUG



$ curl -u superadmin -H "Content-type: application/json" -XPOST --data '{"issueKey":"DT-1","changeId":"100",\
"changeType":"perforce","changeDate":"2019-05-10 00:00:00","changeStatus":"submitted","changeAuthor":"john",\
"changeLink":"http://perforceweb/c=100","changeMessage":"Fixed ToolsX bug. Ref: DT-1","changeFiles":\
"changeTag":"R1.0","changeTagLink":"#"}' http://localhost:8080/rest/scmactivity/1.0/changeset/activity
Enter host password for user 'superadmin':
{"id":4,"message":"[Info] DT-1 > 100 activity row [4] is added."}