AWS CodeCommit SNS HTTPS Link for Scm Changesets Activity Cloud App

Every time only the last commit of the push being processed by Amazon code commit trigger.


Create IAM user with Read Only Code Commit Permission i.e. go to Identity & Access Management (IAM) → Users → Click Add User
Username: e.g. scmenthusiast
Access Type: Programmatic access
Set permissions: Click Attach existing policies directly → Choose Policy (AWSCodeCommitReadOnly)
Click Create user.
Take note of Access Key ID & Secret Access keys.


Go to Jira Settings > Apps > Configure SCM Activity > Code Commit Tab.

  • Update Access Key ID & Secret Access keys.

  • Take note of SNS HTTPS URL.


Create SNS Topic i.e. go to Amazon SNS → Topics → Click Create Topic with name (SCM Changesets Activity).

Create Subscription i.e. go to Subscriptions Tab → Click Create Subscription.
Topic: Choose (SCM Changesets Activity)
Protocol: HTTPS
Check Enable raw message delivery.
Click Create Subscription.

Go to Topic (SCM Changesets Activity) and publish message body (i.e. {}) to confirm the subscription.


On Code Commit, go to repository settings > Triggers > Click Create Trigger.
Trigger Name: SCM Changesets Activity for Jira Cloud.
Events: Push to existing branch
Service: Amazon SNS Service
SNS Topic: (SCM Changesets Activity)
Click Save/Create Trigger.



Perform Commit Git commit in comments with Issue key. e.g.

1 2 git commit -am"Bug fix. ref DT-5" git push

Go to issue, scm changesets tab and verify on, https://<HOST>