Bitbucket Webhook Endpoint install for Scm Activity

Scm Change-sets add-on now supports and provides web-hook REST end-point for Cloud Bit-bucket.

Available from add-on version 2.0.3


On Bit-bucket project, go to repository settings > Webhooks > Click Add Webhook.

In Bitbucket if you are an instance admin (you run your own Bitbucket installation) then you can add System Webhooks, including for push and tag push events.

Hence it is not necessary to individually add webhooks to each and every repository if you want them to be handled for all - which is very common for companies running their own Bitbucket instance and Jira instances.


Define Payload URL e.g. http://JIRASERVER/rest/scmactivity/1.0/changeset/bitbucket/push

Status: Active

Triggers: Repository Push

Click Save/Add webhook.


Verify payload delivery.