Space Fields Confluence DC

Simple add-on that provides REST API services to manage or centralize the project related common metadata, properties, variables, strings, tokens in fields for reuse, tracking and automation. These fields can be accessed or shared among many confluence pages via macro "Space field value by name"


  • Provides REST API to fetch and update Space fields
  • Helps to avoid creating page versions from automated api updates
  • Provides option to clone fields from another space
  • Supports Wiki markup
  • Provides macros i.e.
    • Space field value by name
    • Space fields summary



Go to Space Tools > Add-ons / Apps > Space Fields

Add Space Fields


Go to page > Click edit > Add Space Fields macros to display values

Result Demo:


Go to Logging and Profiling > Click Add New entry

Define below details and Click Add entry

Class/Package Name: com.tse.confluence.spaceproperties.plugin
New Level: DEBUG