Auto Purge Trash

Welcome! Simple add-on to purge trash content (last modified) beyond defined retention time period.


Quick Start Steps


Go to Confluence Manage Add-ons > Find (Auto Purge Trash) > Click getting Started

On demand trash for all the Spaces.


Go to Space Tools and Configure Retention time period and Run Trash purge for space.


Go to Confluence Scheduled Jobs > Find (scheduledjob.desc.confluence-purge-recyclebin-job-config) > Click Edit to Configure Job schedule

By default plugin purge job runs every Saturday at 3 AM.

1 0 0 3 ? * 7


For Logging and Debug.

Go to Confluence Logging and Profiling > Add New Entry

1 2 Class/Package Name: com.tse.confluence.purgerecyclebin.plugin New Level: Debug