Space S3 Documents for Confluence

Atlassian Approved for Confluence Data Center on 2019-09-20

Simple app that helps to Store, manage, versioning and centralize space or project related documents on Amazon AWS S3 bucket.



Quick Start Steps

Note. If your upgrading from older than version 2.0, please refer


Go to General Configuration → Configure Amazon S3 Buckets


  • Access Secret Keys are not required If you are Confluence is hosted on AWS EC2.

    • You can attach S3 role to EC2 with read and write access

    • If you are bucket is on different account then use Bucket policy to grant permission to Confluence Hosted account.

  • For Access Secret Keys two ways to get i.e.



Go to page options i.e. Click (…) → Amazon S3 Documents

Attach existing documents or upload new one.



Go to page Edit → Add Amazon S3 File Link or Amazon S3 Files Summary macros.




For Debug. Go to, Logging and profiling → Add new entry

1 2 Package / Class Name: com.tse.confluence.spaces3documents.plugin Logging Level: DEBUG