Create IAM User for Amazon Codesuite


If your Jira is hosted on EC2, you can skip Step-1 if you wish to manage permissions through Roles.
i.e. Identify your EC2 role and add permissions (i.e. CodeBuildFullAccess, CodePipelineFullAccess
& LambdaFullAccess).

On AWS, Create IAM user with permissions i.e. go to Identity & Access Management (IAM) → Users → Click Add User.

Username: e.g. scmenthusiast

Access Type: Programmatic access

Set permissions: Click Attach existing policies directly → Choose Policy (i.e. CodeBuildFullAccess & CodePipelineFullAccess & LambdaFullAccess)

Click Create user.

That's it, take the note of Access Key ID & Secret Access keys.



On Jira, Go to Manage apps → Amazon IAM Users Access Keys → Add New IAM User.


Option if you don't like to manage IAM access keys in Jira database

In Jira, Create IAM User without Access key ID and Secret access key.

Go to your Jira host, copy Access key ID and Secret access key to ~/.aws/credentials file.

1 2 3 4 $ vi ~/.aws/credentials [default] aws_access_key_id = ASIAYQXMDDN5CGUE**** aws_secret_access_key = qtQlqQONtbU2H6MNb2VJfqRpOALlVto8*****