Workflow to invoke Amazon Lambda Function


Create Amazon IAM User if not exists

For Jira Cloud



Go to Jira project configuration ** In Workflows tab Click EDIT Icon.

In Post Functions tab section, Click Add Post Function.



Choose Amazon Code Pipeline Execution Function and Click Add.



Configure Post Function and Click Add.

Here is example to use Issue fields in Lambda JSON payload:

{ "tracking": "{issuekey}", "team": "{customfield_10201}", "customer": "{customfield_10200}", "release": "{fixversions}", "owner": "{assignee}" }

Note. You can find custom field ID at, Issues > Custom Fields > Click Edit > You will find in URL.

Supported System Fields:

summary, description, key or issuekey, type or issuetype, status, priority, components, labels, fixversions, affectsversions, assignee, reporter, environment



Review and Click Publish.



Transition Issue and verify if Amazon Lambda Function triggered with status notification in issue comment.