GitLab Webhook Endpoint install for Scm Changesets Activity Cloud App


Go to Jira Settings > Apps > Configure SCM Changesets > GitLab Tab.

Copy Web-hook Payload URL.



In GitLab if you are an instance admin (you run your own GitLab installation) then you can add System Webhooks, including for push and tag push events.

Hence it is not necessary to individually add webhooks to each and every repository if you want them to be handled for all - which is very common for companies running their own GitLab instance and Jira instances.

On GitLab project, go to repository settings > Integrations > Click Add Webhook

Define Payload URL:****

Choose triggers:

  • Push events

  • Tag Push events

Check checkbox Enable SSL verification

Click Save/Add webhook.



Perform Commit Git commit in comments with Issue key. e.g.

1 2 git commit -am"Bug fix. ref SU-25" git push

Go to issue, scm changesets tab and verify on, https://<HOST>

Verify payload delivery.