Scm Change-sets For Jira

SCM Activity plugin for Jira provides REST API Services to access and store SCM Change-set data within Jira Database, further integrates Jira with all the SCM systems like (perforce, git, gerrit, cc and svn etc.). This plugin separates SCM change-set data from Jira data and as a result eliminates the need of migration of SCM change-set data during the Jira backup/restore/migrations efforts. Right add-on for those who stores SCM Change data via Custom Text Fields or Comments.


  • Helps in reducing time during the Jira backups/restore/migrations
  • Provides JQL Search functions i.e. scmChangesetsSearch("")
  • Supports multiple SCM systems and external jobs integration
  • Workflow Condition to check if Scm Activity exists
  • Supports GitHub Webhook Integration
  • Supports GitLab
  • Supports Bitbucket Cloud

Here is the following one step to start using the plugin:

You can start Posting SCM Change Set Data using REST API Or Hook Scripts

Go to logging and profiling > Default loggers > Click Configure

Add below: