Jira Manage Former X Users

Use Case #2 (Optional)

To deactivate or remove license groups for former X users who left company.



Configure Skip users for inactivation or deactivation process.



Verify Admin user in App settings > Click update again to confirm.

Note. If your admin username is email prefix then please ensure this email address is not associated for other users.



Go to, System General Configuration > Click Manage Inactive Users.

Configure the manage former X Users form for Use Case #2 (Optional) to deactivate or remove license groups for former X users who left company:


  • User Directory Names

    • Choose user directories to process users for inactivation specific to these directories.

  • Processing Group

    • Its faster and recommenended to process users for inactivation from specific group (e.g jira-software-users, jira-inactive-users).

    • For testing you can use the group with small number of users.

    • If empty it processes all users.

  • Deactivate Users (Optional)

    • Disable if purpose / objective to just reduce license counts or remove license groups.

    • Disable if you’re planning to grant License on login attempt.

    • Disable if user directory is read-only.

  • Remove Groups

    • Enter a comma separated license groups (e.g. jira-software-users, jira-inactive-users) to remove for inactive users.

  • Add Groups

    • Its recommended to add those former X users inactive users for tracking. e.g. jira-deactivated-users.

  • Rename Deactivated Users (Optional)

    • To rename Deactivated user to {username}_inactive_yyyyMMdd

  • Activate (Optional)

    • To enable Automatic Clean up.


That's it!

Additional information.

  • All atlassian provided user directories are supported:

    • Supports license groups removal and helps to reduce license count.

    • For User Deactivation:

      • User Directory must have read + write permissions i.e. in your user directory simply uncheck option [Update User attributes on Login].

      • For Crowd Directory: Enable Read/Write access at crowd properties

  • For Internal Directory you may need to consider using one of below custom remote directories to validate user active/inactive status.



Perform Manual or On demand Clean.

  • Go to, On Demand Run > Click Former X Users Clean



Go to, Manage Inactive Users > App Settings > Schedule

To Configure Schedule for Automatic Clean.

Use below cron entry to schedule Inactive users clean up every Saturday at 6AM.

0 0 6 ? * SAT *

To verify go to System > Scheduler details.



To Debug Manage Inactive Users App:

Go to, System  > Logging and profiling > Configure

Class/Package Name: com.tse.jira.deactivateusers.plugin Level: Debug